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The board is part of The Times’s editorial department, which is operated separately from The Times’s newsroom, and includes the Letters to the Editor and Op-Ed sections.

A parent and child are related in the first degree, a grandparent and grandchild in the second degree, a great-grandparent and great-grandchild in the third degree and so on.(b) If an individual and the individual's relative are related by consanguinity, but neither is descended from the other, the degree of relationship is determined by adding:(1) the number of generations between the individual and the nearest common ancestor of the individual and the individual's relative; and(2) the number of generations between the relative and the nearest common ancestor.(c) An individual's relatives within the third degree by consanguinity are the individual's:(1) parent or child (relatives in the first degree);(2) brother, sister, grandparent, or grandchild (relatives in the second degree); and(3) great-grandparent, great-grandchild, aunt who is a sister of a parent of the individual, uncle who is a brother of a parent of the individual, nephew who is a child of a brother or sister of the individual, or niece who is a child of a brother or sister of the individual (relatives in the third degree).

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The Board has jurisdiction over statewide elected officials and state employees in the executive branch; including boards and commissions and institutions of higher education.

Many employers seek to regulate various aspects of employees’ personal conduct, such as restricting romantic relationships and limiting what employees may say through social media--and with good reason: Romantic relationships among employees may lead to accusations of workplace unfairness when implementing disciplinary measures or awarding privileges, or perceived favoritism regarding assignment of job responsibilities or promotion decisions; particularly when one of the involved employees supervises the other.

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