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I took my prized collection of perspective trick travel photos and started filling out a profile on an online dating site. Internet, passport, pen/paper, camera, coffee, access to fun. The second awkward moment: running into him again while on an e-date with the computer scientist. From Plaza Armenia we took a stroll to Plaza Serrano for some pizza, beer, and high-quality hipster-watching: they were serenading the plaza using a melodica, the hipster instrument of choice here, along with a toy accordion. ] The first encounter: Barbaro Bar, on Calle Reconquista, El Retiro.

Waplog is the best social network to meet new people.In my experience, canceling at the last minute and showing up late or not at all is more common and acceptable here than in other cultures. Local men tend to take on the role of protector and aggressor, and women are expected to adapt and play counter-part to this role.This might be why some men here seem to be turned off by women who are successful and independent and openly proud of it.Basically, any behavior that confuses the hell out of you.In Buenos Aires if you have plans, they can often be more of a suggestion than a sure thing.

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