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The delightful parallel between Jimmy Durante’s "Young at Heart" and the tagline, "The best never lose that love," contributes heavily to the ad’s charm.Of course, having cute children never hurts an ad’s likeability.We usually see higher scores for shorter Gatorade’s spot achieves something special here with a 676 Watchability score.Viewers are also able to relate to the inspiring message.A series of LGBT focused advertisements by WCRS will soon be streaming on London's Channel 4 network in honor of their annual “Pride in London” celebrations, targeting acts of long overdue acceptance.The footage, broken up into four different segments, along with one main video, brings attention to family members who may have rejected their loved ones for coming out and revealing their true sexuality.We see glimpses of same-sex love and a psychedelic tank hovering above the crowd, with the entire short culminating to a heart shaped hole being blasted through the wall itself.

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