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Few scholars today claim that any of the Dead Sea Scrolls (“DSS”) date to the time Christianity was allegedly founded by a “historical” Jesus in the first century of the common era.Indeed, it is agreed that most of the scrolls pre-date the turn of the era and that none of them show any knowledge of Jesus Christ or Christianity.She’s looking up ways to ward off curses online and starting to consider going on sick leave because she is afraid to work with this woman.

As an undergrad, I won the University Medal and a Commonwealth Scholarship to undertake my Ph. After Cambridge, I was elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at Oxford.

The natural world yields no egalitarian picture of human capacities.

What about the child whose disabilities or illness compromises her abilities to reason?

I grew up in Australia, in a loving, secular home, and arrived at Sydney University as a critic of “religion.” I didn’t need faith to ground my identity or my values.

I knew from the age of eight that I wanted to study history at Cambridge and become a historian.

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