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When you’re constantly watching and listening to talented and charming celebrities, how can you not be at least obsessed with one of them?I personally don’t think having celebrity crushes is a problem, but sometimes I think we just fawn over the wrong people.The perfect example is Fall Out Boy’s lead singer and guitarist Patrick Stump. He’s a crazy talented musician (along with co-writing most of Fall Out Boy’s songs, he also wrote and produced his own solo album and EP, as well as producing music for several other artists, including Cobra Starship and The Cab) and he is also absolutely adorable.But beyond that, Patrick Stump seems like a really good person, maybe even role model material.It wasn't like I had to switch to whole wheat bread or something like that.I really just had to eat less of what I was eating, and I had to exercise more.

He's also hoping that if he gets into the Big Leagues, maybe he'll be able to meet his favorite fighter of all time, the young, masked prodigy Party Poison, who has seemingly dropped off the face of the planet since the destruction of the Professional Griefers Arena 8 years ago.

Seriously, just look at some of the stuff he says and does when he's not busy singing. In an interview with, Patrick talks about the attention he and his other band members get: “I think Joe's underappreciated, I think Andy's underappreciated, I think Pete's underappreciated, I don't think people know how good he is…but if anything, I feel overappreciated.

I think Patrick Stump gets enough attention.” It’s so refreshing to see a lead singer (or just a musician in general) who doesn’t constantly crave the spotlight, take credit for everything, and talk about how much of a genius he/she is.

And every show, unfailingly, Pete would get embarrassingly hard embarrassingly fast. He pushes out his boat, he calls his dog, he sails out to sea, he casts his nets, and he waits, holding a fishing pole over the side. Brendon works with Ryan, Spencer, and Jon, all for Pete, though they hardly see each other.

Everyday, Patrick catches fish: He eats one for dinner, he gives one to his dog, and he sells the rest in town. When Ryan saves him one day, Brendon finds himself falling for his boss's favorite employee. Brendon works with Ryan, Spencer, and Jon, all for Pete, though they hardly see each other.

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