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The two prime factors fuelling the rapid growth of Wi-Fi are the constant advancements in Wi-Fi technology, and the Wi-Fi capability in almost all consumer electronic (CE) devices that are being manufactured today — laptops, smartphones, cameras, printers/scanners, televisions, music players, etc.As mentioned earlier, attackers are using the security weaknesses/vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks or Wi-Fi capable devices to intrude into them.On my Mac Book, for example, the MAC address of the ethernet adapter starts with : E3, and VMWare’s virtual interface starts with .The mappings between code and company are managed by the IEEE, and the OUI database is available for download from the IEEE.However, with increased Wi-Fi usage and awareness, hackers (or, rather, crackers) are exploiting the security weaknesses/vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi capable devices.This article discusses Aircrack-ng, a security tool that can be used by attackers and also by the “white hats”, who seek to secure a Wi-Fi network by trying to break into it first and then fixing the flaws that are found.Since the OUI database is updated regularly, I decided it’s worth detailing how the databases used by various bits of software can be updated.

Use the arrows UP and DOWN to navigate in the list.You will need the coding skills required to develop your own DLLs to link Aircrack-ng to your current wireless card.Airodump-ng has an interactive mode and all the keys are detailed in the wiki. The spacebar is probably the most useful as it can pause the display of airodump-ng such as when you notice something on the screen.It is the most comprehensive toolkit for troubleshooting and auditing Wi-Fi networks, and covers the earlier as well as the latest-known Wi-Fi exploits and vulnerabilities.In this article series, we will look at a tool named Wifite suitable for automated auditing of wireless networks.

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