Validating business requirements

is the verification of a product or system using models, calculations and testing equipment.Analysis allows someone to make predictive statements about the typical performance of a product or system based on the confirmed test results of a sample set or by combining the outcome of individual tests to conclude something new about the product or system.Prototyping is generally used to test validity and completeness of the requirements.A prototype brings the SRS to life by providing the users with a visual model.The developers will choose the most appropriate approach to prototyping depending on the situation.Traceability – This should be carried out for every single project, unless the project is very small.

We might hold a requirements review and in the process discover ambiguous requirements (verification) and unneeded ones (validation).It is often used to predict the breaking point or failure of a product or system by using nondestructive tests to extrapolate the failure point.My views: Requirement verification is about ensuring that they are defined clearly and precisely to the extent that they can be designed, developed and tested.In fact, very often I’ve found that an ambiguous requirement is ambiguous because the business value is unclear. But as I reflect more deeply on my requirements validation experience, walk-throughs, while the obvious candidates, don’t make up the half of it.We might start debating the semantics of a term and discover we’re solving the wrong problem and end up throwing out the requirement completely. Before we even had a draft specification, I was meeting with the primary business stakeholder to iterate through potential requirements, understand the business value and fit them together in a logical way. The So in those early meetings with the sponsor, I was ensuring the alignment of stakeholder requirements and business requirements.

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