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While there has been an effort to collect and record primary source obsidian, most effort has been expended to understand the secondary distribution of the Jemez Mountains sources. More accessible for archaeologists, the geology of which is mainly derived from the above, is Baugh and Nelsons (1987) article on the relationship between northern New Mexico archaeological obsidian sources and procurement on the southern Plains, and Glascock et als (1999) more intensive analysis of these sources including the No Agua Peak source in the Mount San Antonio field on the Taos Plateau at the Colorado/New Mexico border.

Until the recent land exchange of the Baca Ranch properties, the Valle Grande primary domes (i.e. The collection localities discussed here are not the result of a systematic survey to collect and record all the potential sources in the Jemez Mountains, but the result of an attempt to understand the secondary depositional regime of the sources flowing out from the Jemez Mountains into the surrounding stream systems, as noted above.

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The obsidian artifacts that appear in the regional archaeological record are from El Rechuelos Rhyolite as properly noted by Baugh and Nelson (1987).

Indeed, El Rechuelos obsidian is derived from a number of small domes north, west, and south of Polvadera Peak as noted by Baugh and Nelson (1987) and Wolfman (1994; see also Figures here).

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